The Best Personal Trainer Business Strategy

"Have a multi-tiered business"

Truth is, we call it a personal training business but its actually more than this.  Remember when Personal Training was exclusive and only for people with money?  Guess what, it still is.  Going after people with no money offering personal training is setting yourself up for failure.  Yeah you might get a bit of low paying work out of it but its not sustainable long term.  Who do you think is going to get sacked off the week before payday?

So having a multi-tiered business means that you have a range of product to appeal to a range of needs and incomes.  I'll use my business as an example

1. Blog/Opt in (free)

2.  Members Area (£5 a month)

3. Group exercise (£25 a month)

4. Bootcamp (£50 per month)

5. Fitness Plan/Personal Nutrition Plan Plus Session (£100)

6. Personal Training (£140 - £160 per month plus)

So the people who end up on the Personal Training side of things a) Really want it and b) Will pay you properly for it so you will train less but earn more

AND you are still earning a very good living off the other tiers

What do you think?

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