Personal Trainer Client Retention | Getting your Clients Results Part 2


In the last post we talked about getting your clients results through fat burning exercise routines, but (you probably already know this) you need to really work with your clients on their nutrition over anything else.  I say to my clients that trying to get into the shape that you want purely through exercise is like trying to get rich by just working a job.  If exercise is like working a job, then nutrition is like investing wisely and if you do both, you've got a much higher chance of getting in the shape you want to be in.

So I developed my own diet called the Fat Loss Renegade.  Its a mix of Carb Cycling, Carb Syncing, Detoxification and Natural Nutrition principles and I made it available on my Personal Training Websites as a Free Download in exchange for the downloaders e-mail address.  This generates leads for me and the diet really works as a 14 day detox with clients losing as much as 7 - 10lbs.

What I'd recommend is writing your own fat loss diet to a) make available to prospects and b) Tailor with your existing clients to help them get their nutrition nailed down.  The PT Success Club includes a customiseable version of the fat loss renegade diet for you to use, cantact to get your £5 trial

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