Working Out your Personal Training Niche


In the last post, we discussed how we need to specialise in our personal training business so that our marketing becomes more targeted

All well and good, but how do YOU work out your niche when Starting a Personal Training Business?  Easy, follow these steps laid out here and work out where you should be

  1.  Pick a Niche that you understand and who understands you

Its no good specialising in Post Natal is you’re an 18 year old lad whos still wet behind the years, pick somewhere that you have been through on some level and can empathise with your market

  1. Pick a Niche that can afford what you are selling

No point in going where there is no money, otherwise you won’t have a business!

  1. Pick a Niche where you have credibility

Your clients have to be able to look at you for inspiration, so don’t niche in Fat Loss if you are overweight yourself.  You need to look like your target market wants to look like

  1. Pick a niche where you are happy working

This is important, if you are not happy in the niche, you’ll either be miserable and not get the best service or it will shine through and no one will want to work with you anyway

  1. Pick a Niche that you speak the same language as

You should be able to connect with your niche easily and without much effort, its like when you meet someone you instantly connect with, just we have the advantage here of positioning ourselves in this place.

This is an important step, we cover this in our course and coaching, drop us a mail at

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